Online Coaching Services

What is Online Coaching?

Online Coaching allows us to work together 1-on-1 to achieve your fitness goals. I use an app to provide my clients with a workout and nutrition plan. We measure your progress through weekly check-ins via email/messages and video responses to make sure your plan is working for YOU. I work with all experience levels - whether you have never set foot in a gym, or are an experienced lifter and want to take it to the next level.

  • Custom Workout Plan

    It changes as you change and is tailored to YOU! I don't do "cookie-cutter" plans. I'll help guide you through unfamiliar exercises using an app and video demos.

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan

    Nutrition guidance and calorie/macronutrient targets with adjustments as you progress. If you've never tracked macros, that's okay! I help clients learn a flexible dieting strategy that works for them.

  • Weekly Check-ins

    I use the FitLog app as well as messages/emails for my clients to check in. You'll get a video message response from me to ensure clear communication. I promise a same-day turnaround time.

  • Quick Answers to Questions/Concerns

    If you have questions throughout the week, ask away! Don't feel the need to wait until your check-in day if you need something.

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group

    Where I share tips, recipes, challenges, and promote peer support! I am a firm believer in community when it comes to fitness.

  • Zoom Calls for Support

    On an as-needed basis. If there's something you're really struggling with that we feel is better addressed over video-call, we'll set one up!


Do I need to have access to a gym?
NO! It helps, but I have plenty of clients who are crushing their goals from home! I can provide an optional list of equipment that would be helpful, but is not mandatory.

Do we need to set up training sessions or do I workout on my own?

No - we don't schedule any sessions together, you workout entirely on your own time! The only time we will schedule a call is an initial welcome call and the occasional Zoom call when you have an issue that we feel can be best addressed via video chat.

How are check-ins submitted?
You submit your weekly check in via a free app that acts as a one-stop-shop! Once I recieve it, I'll send you a video message reviewing everything that you've submitted. From there, we'll send a few messages back and forth and I'll make adjustments to your plan!

How quickly can I expect results?

That depends on you! Think of online coaching as a roadmap. The closer you follow the directions, the sooner you will arrive at your destination. That being said - I am about long lasting results and not quick fixes. Don’t expect to have your “dream body” in just a few weeks.

Can I try it out for a month?
I require a minimum of a 3-month commitment when you sign up (see above). 

How much does it cost?
I always set up a consultation call with new clients to discuss cost before you make any commitment.

Is online coaching right for me?

This is a case by case basis. Online coaching tends to be a good fit for most people who have physique-related goals, as it is entirely tailored to you and your needs. goals, experience level, etc. If you aren’t sure, we can discuss this on our consultation call!